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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for somebody who wants to help me?
I'm Vanhaeren Liesl, i am 26 years old and domisticated in Belgium. 6 years ago i got sick with a chronic pain disease. I'm in a wheelchair, Always in pain and chronic fatigue. Unfortunately it gets worse instead of better. The pain is the most difficult to bear, especially the severe pain and that my illness continues to deteriorate. I have a hard life, but i make wooden toys for over 6 years now an that has become my passion. It gives me strength to fight against this illness. It's the only thing that puts a smile on my face. To see the smile of the child who gets the toy, makes me happy. I spent years with a scroll saws crafting the toys. Lately's my health doesn't let me, it became unsafe. It was too dangerous, but i don't want to quit my passion and i want to keep making toys because it means a lot to me. I need help. I'm looking for someone who wants to saw the figures. So i can continue the finishing touch with sanding, painting and assembling. Here in Belgium, I have not found anyone that wanted to do that. I saw that there are people who make wooden toys in other countries. Therefore, this question. Would someone do this for me? And then send it to my address in Belgium. I'm willing to pay for shipping, timber, ... I would do anything so i can continue my passion even though i'm sick.
I also have a website:
Where you can see a lot of my toys. It is located in the folder ' speelgoed '. I hope there are people who can help me? It would mean a lot to me.
you can always send me an email to

greetings Liesl


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Hi Liesl

You might want to look for a local version of the "Mens' Sheds" movement, where guys get together regularly to do whatever men do in their shed (if they have one). It's proving very valuable to people who are alone, disabled or simply want to pool equipment to make stuff. Many of the groups make things to sell for charity (and to fund their club costs) and typically, they might share out the processes so that some guys cut, some sand and some paint to make the finished product - anything from toys to bird houses. This is the UK website, there must be something similar in Belgium:

Good luck! 
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