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I am in the process of building the friendly school bus. This is my first attempt at a build like this. Right now I was wondering if anyone has built this project and could give me some ideas on painting. I want to paint it school bus yellow and I need information on painting the riders. It would also be helpful if I could get some pointers on gluing.

Thanks A Lot,
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Hello David,

I have this plan as well but have not started a build yet. But looking over the plans I think if you will just look over page 16 It gives really good instruction on glue up. The big thing is step one an then step 2.
Once those 2 are in place the rest of the build will fall right in place. I typically use titebond wood glue and even use superglue that lists wood as one of the things it glues up.
As far as painting goes it is pretty much wide open. I tend to use craft acrylics from Hobby Lobby or other crafts stores. Usually I put a primer then a light sand then a coat of acrylic then another lite sand then a final coat. After that I use a clear gloss lacquer spray one to 2 coats and then Cynthia's beeswax paste and I'm good to go.
I'm sure others will chime in soon with much better advice... you might also look under the hints and tips section and search on "Ken Martin" as he had some really good details on painting and finishing. 

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about the color panting
try to use color paint based on water
it is very easy to paint with brush & they are mat structure

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