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Hey Ken,
You have a wonderful set of planes here.
I really like the green/yellow combo. I have the plans but have not even looked at them since i purchased.
I need to dig those out and put on my list of stuff to do for the 4 year old boss LOL

I am in the process of finishing a truck and need to paint it so since the 4yr old boss likes green it may get a green yellow paint job.
Thanks for sharing these wonderful planes.

Ed - Making sawdust in the shop [wave]
Ken Martin

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Hi Ed

Thanks for the nice words about the Bi-Planes.  As you can tell I really enjoy making these and they have been one of my best sellers.  I really liked the way the Green and Gold one came out as well.
However, the baked wood one is my favorite, and it was the easiest to build, because there is no painting at all.  The bonus to the baked wood plane, was people were willing to pay more for it, because it looks like it is made out of special woods.

All the painted planes, except the Green and Gold, were done with Krylon primers and color spray paints.  The Green and Gold plane was painted with Metallic Craft paint brushed on.  I am doing more and more painting with the Metallica because they cover so well and the colors are awesome.
1. great point about these Metallica's is you don't need primers, I think the Metallica's in the paint makes for great coverage.  2. They dry so fast, I always build 2 of things, and by the time you get the first coat on you can go right to the 2nd coat, and so on.
You have two great options with these metallic paints.  1. If you don't sand much you get a really great sparkle effect, but you have a rougher finish.  I don't like rough finishes so I sand the heck out of the 1st coat, then light sand the 2nd coat, then buff the third coat with synthetic pads.  Then when you spray on the Krylon's Triple Clear Coat, you have a great finish.

I know from watching your builds you are a Master builder, and most likely know all the above, but wanted the share some ideas.

Again thanks for you nice comments.

Kenneth W Martin
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