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Bill N

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I am having a terrible time with my brand new, out of the box, Dewalt 788 Scroll saw. I have been breaking olsen PGT blades at an alarming rate. I really just don’t know what I’m doing wrong . My last scroll saw was a noisy Delta that shook all over the place, but I didn’t break any blades. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I don't own a DeWalt saw so understand that I'm just repeating what I have read and watched in videos. You should verify this for yourself. You would probaably get better answers in one of the scrollsaw forums.

DeWalt 788s are know for their aggressive cut. This can cause you to break blades more easily. I've seen some info on how to adjust these saws for a less aggressive cut.

Try this Google Search

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Another ? is, where do you have you tension set currently?
I normally never have mine set more then 3.5. At that setting I get the sound of "C" cord that everyone suggest you set your saw to for near perfect tension...

Is it possible that the tension is set to high?

Just a thought. Other thing is I have only broken blades that I pushed to hard into the cut (I know better but sometimes get aggressive when I have been sawing  a  while ) 

Also you might check speed I tend to run mine about 50% it seems to be a sweet point for smooth cutting and the smallest amount of vibration...

Just a thought. Assuming of course there is nothing actually wrong with the saw or badbobs thought above...

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