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This is Osin’s Hot Rod VW Bug. Great little project as small as it is it went together well.

I even used some sawing technique I saw in one of Udris’s videos. For example item #3 is 5/16” wide and of course I did not have that width so I used my table saw and measured from the rip fence to the blade 5/16”. Since the board on the other side of the saw blade was so close to the blade I hot glued a bigger piece to the one I want to cut to keep my fingers out of that blade. That technique worked very well and I will use it again.

Any way I did enjoy building this VW. I painted with acrylic paint and sprayed with glossy polyurethane.

Thanks for lookin’

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-Bill  [comp]

My saw is a DeWalt788
Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut


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Hey bill nice job, I like the paint job. There sure is a lot of help on this site. Thanks for sharing.
john lewman

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This is wonderful. I love the Osni VW and it is fun to see what you have done with it. Thanks for the tip on the hotmelt setup for making thin parts on a table saw. That is brilliant.

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Great build, nice work.


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Very nice.  like the colors and it looks like a fun little car.  thanks for sharing.
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