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Outdoor Air Supply - Solution

Got an air compressor in the house in the workshop.

Air Compressor 1.jpg   Air Compressor 2.jpg 

Need air outside ... but - do not feel like carrying the air compressor outside.

Here's a solution - one that I have used for years.

Drill a hole in the house to the outside.
Outside -  attach a piece 45 degree plastic elbow over the hole you just made.
Use a piece of plastic pipe with a cap and snug fit it into the elbow.
No one will know what the pipe is for except you.

Outdoor Air Supply 1.jpg 

Pull off the extension and cap ... and look what you have.

Outdoor Air Supply 2.jpg 

A connection to your basement air compressor.

Connecting to your air compressor is very simple.
All you need to make is a length of air hose.
One end connects to the compressor.
Run your air hose extension between the floor joists over to your hole.
The hole you drill only needs to be a little larger than the diameter of the air hose itself.
Attach the female compression fitting and there you have it.

An outdoor connection to your compressor.

You can easily add a regulator to your outdoor connection allowing you to regulate the air pressure for any tool or purpose.

The purpose of the extension and cap is to stop animals from building a nest in the 45 degree elbow.


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Excellent! The extension will help keep water out too.

I have my air compressor in the garage. My solution was a 100ft hose on a reel. It's a bit of a pain to roll it up but I have air any where I want it.

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.

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