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Hello all, has anyone made a minature spray booth? If so i would love to see and swap ideas. I made one this week using junk wood i had outside and some plastic sheeting. Its not pretty but gets the job done.

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Peter V

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Posts: 65
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This is mine. Used it once, need to start to use it more often.

035.jpg  036.jpg 


Peter V

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Posts: 1,410
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Spray booths need venting outside., Unless you like brain damage.

I researched this subject a while back and experimented with some cardboard box with a fan and filters. Even with the box fan and filters, I got paint dust all over the shop. This method doesn't filter out fumes. I was using acrylic paint, so I was not concerned about fire. I would not use this configuration to spray solvent based finishes.
If you re spraying outdoors that is a different matter altogether. I know someone who lets his the truck tailgate down and covers the back of his truck with a blue tarp to use for painting.  I have a table I make from saw horses to use when painting outdoors.  I don't use a backstop or a cover on the table. It's getting colorful.
The inexpensive spray booths they sell on eBay and else where are very small and ineffective.  Worst of all they use proprietary filters.
Larger commercial spray booths are available but, they cost prohibitive for a small shop and also use expensive challenging to find filters.
A DIY spray booth is the best alternative I could find. You need one that will spray anything including flammable finishes, filter out the paint overspray with relatively inexpensive, easy to find filters, and exhaust all the fumes outdoors. This DIY spray booth is the best I found. It's on my todo list.

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.
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Posts: 62
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What are you all spraying? Lacquers? Putting auto paints on your toys? I'm thinking that finishes like those are toxic. 

I usually just set a 2' x 3' piece of plywood on the table saw top with a backer which is held up by the fence. I  spray with Rustoleum finishes which dry nontoxic. My exhaust fans keep the fumes to a minimal.  If I go custom, I spray with an airbrush which is really nice for small projects and the spray goes where you want it. Not like a spray gun or spray can at all when it comes to overspray. 

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Peter V

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Posts: 65
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Hello all Luitjes,

Since short, I know an address where I can buy Rustoleum.
I want to try that.

Till now, I use a airbrush with Vallejo paint which I do not dilute.

I finish with one (or two) layer(s) of Glitsa PT (silk or dim) which I put on with a brush. Next time I wil use my airbrush fot that also. I only have to figure out whether or not to dilute the Glitsa.


Peter V

Posts: 19
Reply with quote  #6 
I made one originally for painting models (custom hot wheels etc) but I'll use it for painting toys if needed.

Large plastic storage box on it's side with some wooden frame on the base (now the back) to mount a domestic xpelair type fan connected to that circular aluminum hose ducting with the end hung out the window.

Aluminium tape helps seal everything.

I sprayed some very unpleasant (but Mopar period correct 😉 ) paint using that setup and airbrushes and I could not discern any odor in use. 

True, it is venting to open air not filtering which may be a problem for some.

The box is one of those with 2 half lids that interlock, so after spraying you can close the lid/front to avoid dust settling on the paint, and the ducting hose, power leads, airbrushes etc all go in the box for storage. 
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