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Here is an idea I came up with and wanted to share with all of you.
I wanted a simple way to make a paint pedestal when I spray painted my toys. I also wanted to make several in a short time and could be disposable after some uses. I also wanted them to be strong and reliable for heavy toys. As you can see in the photos I came up with a simple solution to my dilemma.

For the weight strength test I used a large brick and then I pushed slightly down on the left side and it did begin to collapse. But most small  toys will be not be anywhere near the weight of a brick!

You can also make them longer for a continuous strip if you need to. You don't have to use the tabs. You can cut out pieces from the box body also.
Hope this is useful for others.

Tools needed:
Empty cereal box
Scotch tape or masking tape.  Dsc07632.jpg  Dsc07633.jpg  Dsc07635.jpg  Dsc07640.jpg  Dsc07639.jpg  Dsc07637.jpg  Dsc07642.jpg  Dsc07644.jpg
Dsc07624.jpg  Dsc07629.jpg

Frank Galica

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Great post Frank - thanks for posting that out-of-the-box tip. I can see using these stand-offs when gluing and clamping some parts during assembly also.
Ken Martin

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Thank you Frank
Good idea, and even I can afford these.

Kenneth W Martin
phantom scroller

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Frank simple but effective great idea.
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