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So I'm getting scientific about these and as I use them I find new ways to improve their use.

So my latest idea is to make a whole bunch of them and keep for future use when I need them. But how to store these when I make let's say 50 of them?

No problem. As you remember from my previous article (Paint pedestals)  I used scotch tape to make the basic "base" of the pedestal. Well I discovered that that tape can have dual usage. It can be used as a nice storage medium to save space. The photos below illustrate the idea. Since the "sticky" side of the tape is facing inside the fold , I made use of that feature and to make storage mode I push the tape inward as I fold and it holds the fold together very nicely. So when ready to use it, simply pry apart the bottom end. the tape sticking power will give resistance but if done properly it will unstick and open up and Presto, ready to use!

The other feature was to make two extra cuts at the top end to make the tip finer. This somewhat weakens the weight holding strength, but is still pretty strong to hold up a good size piece of wood.

So these are my 2 latest ideas. If you can think of any other useful ideas in this area please share it.

I believe there is way the cut a Triangle piece to get a pointy tip, but haven't thought of a way to make it simple and strong. So here's a challenge to think about and share your ideas. Keep in mind the basic idea is to use simple everyday available materials and quick to make.

Hope this is helpful to someone out there.

Frank Galica
Ken Martin

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Nice idea Frankg

This is a very helpful tip and I will use in the some of my projects.

I am sure,  when you put a challenge out there, Udie will respond.  His mind works in mysterious ways.

Thanks for sharing.

Kenneth W Martin
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