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Has anyone done this project? I just completed this motorcycle but I'm struggling as to what colors I want to paint it and what color to paint the individual parts?

If you have any ideas or photos of what you did I would appreciate it. The plans have photos, but I want to do stray from that.

Frank Motorcycle photo.jpg

Frank Galica
john lewman

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This is a very clean and pro build. Even though you have used MDF on many of the parts I would be tempted to fisnish it with polyurethane clear coat. I would apply three coats letting each dry and hen sanding each coat with 220 sandpaper and then add a final coat not sanded. I use spray can poly clear from Hobby Lobby. You can get the same results using Krylon spray can clear. Either way I do the spraying outside to avoid a build-up of fumes inside.

Please post as many photos as you like. We would all enjoy seeing more views and views of your construction and painting if you have any.

If I were to paint the bike I would use crafts paints like Michael's Craftsmart and with 3 brushed coats sanding between each coat with 220 then finishing it off with clear spray gloss. The paints come in numerous colors and also in some great metallics and metal finishes. Hobby Lobby also carries a similar brand called DecoAArt metallics.

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