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Most of you may have this covered but I found a great temporary work surface. It folds up in a case to 6" x 9" x 30" and is 2' x 4' when fully open. I bought a 2' x 4' plywood sheet as a top. This gives me a great place to paint and prep. In my small shop, this is a space saver. I found at Rockler for $79 but after some research, Home Depot for $49. It's called a centipede. It will supposedly hold 1500lbs. Is it super stable, no. But for the money and space savings, worth it. FYI - I don't work for this company, just thought it was a great solution to my space problem while I prep for a show. Some links in case you want to research further.

Home Depot Link

Youtube video

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Thanks for the post as I've been noticing this item. I have a small older cement pad beside my shed and I've thought about this item for there in a way as your using it.

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These are great
phantom scroller

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Good idea,you can never have enough table space.
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