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Hi! I'm trying to import one of the PDF's into CorelDraw to convert to vectors so that I can cut some of the pieces on my CNC. The Top Gun aircraft carrier to be specific. But I can't import it because it is password protected. Is there a way to get the password for these files by chance? Thanks!
cynthia lewman

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Hi David,
I'll send you an email with the PDF file attached.

At this time all of our toy plans are only available as PDF files. I know a few of our customers have CNC machines. They've told us they import our PDF files into CorelDraw to create the vector files for their CNC. We don't use a CNC machine so I'm not able to comment on that process and we don't use CorelDraw, but those customers have continued to buy multiple toy plans over the years.

The one thing some of these customers have told us is when they download PDF toy plans from our website after they submit their payment and then try to open the PDF file in CorelDraw, they are sometimes prompted to supply a password. We don't password protect our PDF files and they are guaranteed to open in Adobe Reader, but it appears that the download process encrypts the file in some way prompting for a password when trying to open it in CorelDraw. The workaround we've found is those customers send us an email after they've made their online purchase requesting the PDF file be sent as an email attachment. We then reply with the PDF toy plan file attached to the email. They are then able to successfully open the attached PDF file in CorelDraw.


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Thank you for the file and quick response Cynthia!

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I don't use adobe reader at all. I don't have it installed. Applications I use are:

  • Atril Document Viewer
  • Evince Document Viewer
  • Xpdf PDF Viewer
  • Gimp 
  • LibreOffice Draw
  • Inkscape
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Google Docs/Drive
  • Some Others
Every program I use is free and open source.  

I have never had an issue loading and reading any files I have downloaded from I don't think there is an issue with your PDFs. It's probably Corel. 

I make vector files out of just about everything using gimp to edit the bitmap and then import it and convert it in with Inkscape. I don't have a CNC machine I do it because I can get much clearer patterns when I print and resizing is easy. 

It is possible to embed vector graphics in PDF files. Som scrollsaw downloads have them. And at least one I got a PDF from John (not purchased) that had vectors in it. 

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.

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