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I am assuming that many of you have lots of patterns that you have collected through the years. How do you store them and keep them organized so you can find them when you need them. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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I store mind on a portable hard drive and laptop computer by scanning any paper versions and keeping them in folders to find them.  

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The permanent ones I have made are in a plastic box all jumbled together.

I'm a huge fan of storing them digitally. It's much easier to edit them and you can print as many as you like. I find that I get better cuts using printed paper patterns.

When I got my first scroll saw I used to trace the patterns because there was no scanner available to me. Enlarging a pattern entailed lots of time spent with graph paper and a pencil. 

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Pretty much all digital for me.
I print out just the sections I need for a particular plan.
I use my iPad to view any details i might need during the build such as assembly etc.

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I print out a set, make templates out of mdf with the pattern attached, then print another set out. I keep the mdf in freezer bags that are 3 hole punched and then put them in a 3 ring binder in my shop. I then print out a fresh set of plans or pattern,and put them in sleeves and put them in the binder with the templates. I always have a template to trace or router from, and I always have one to look at. I have a list of what's in each binder on the cover and try to sort the types of patterns by type also. Cars, boats, etc. It's simple and doesn't take much space.
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I keep most of my patterns in "OneNote". After having retired from my job as a teacher, "onenote" has become my most important computer tool. As I live in Germany, I don't have access to so many wood magazines (only when I travel in the US or Canada), so I download most of my patterns. Paper patterns are stored as scans in "Onenote", too. So I just have to print out the copies I need.

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Any patterns I have from the World Wide Internet I have transferred to 2 external storage units, my Old school stuff from books/ magazines are in a tote. I did just download the OneNote app just mentioned as at a 5 star rating I'm going to learn it also and work on the scanning of patterns to store and print out. ( Thanks for the OneNote tip)
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I wll check out OneNote. I have been using Evernote but really haven't worked it as wisely as you have. Thanks for the tip.

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First I save all my files to an external hard drive then print a copy off which is then put in plastic sleeves in a ring binder folders I then back up a copy on a pen drive which is put away and also on Dropbox.

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I store mine as PDF files on the computer and also make back-ups onto a disc in case the computer has a major breakdown
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