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hello,i am trying to make the super simple classic rocking horse  could someone help me with the pattern I cannot see where the pieces fit on the leg and the extra pieces on the rocking part number 9.thanks
g webb
john lewman

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Rockin-Horse P_23.jpg  Rockin-Horse P_24.jpg  Rockin-Horse P_25.jpg

On the above bottom image take a look at the smaller image at bottom right. That shows the three larger images J,K, and L. Use your PDF plan set to print out pages 23, 24, and 25 then trim and tape them together for a full size drawing. The full size drawing will be a perfect guide to assembling the rocker spaces and rockers to the legs. We hope you post photos of your creation on the forum. Post large file photos and several iof them if you have the time.

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