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Here is my take on the 389 tractor. Fun build. I used rubber as the mud flaps. Works great. Flexible. Keep building everyone! Thank you John!

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Nothing is as it seems!


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Very nice
john lewman

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Hi Garrymac-
Thanks for sharing these magnificent wood toy trucks. You captured the beauty of the Peterbilts perfectly. I love these trucks. In 1989 I bought a new Chevy Camaro and drove it from Kansas City to the west over the Rockies. There were two big Peterbilts in front and behind me with huge loads of steel plates. They were both going over 105 miles an hour with me right between them. They blasted over the Rockies like it was the flats of Kansas. I don't know what the horsepower was of those two but it was quite a thrill to see them charging over the mountains. My Chevy didn't breath hard either. Those old V8's had a lot of umph. 

Thanks again. Cynthia shared these photos with me at breakfast this morning. We are pretty excited with them.
Daniel L Abbink

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 I love them they look great nice build. I have been working on the Mini collection I noticed the Semi does not have any tail lights I Guess I'll have to add some to make them street legal.
Daniel Abbink
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