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This is from the Peterbilt 389 Cobra Convoy collection.  I just built the tanker. I, as usual, made in half size. I made the tanker body out of one solid piece of pine (2 X 4) if I had not painted it, I would have made as per the plans. I added the decals, it only seemed to need some.

This was a fun project for me because I drove one of these while I was in the air force back in the ‘60s. Mine held 5,000 gallons of jet fuel. It was kind of like driving around with a big bomb hooked to your tractor but I made it through. Of Corse back in those days the tractor did not look this good.

As all way’s thanks for lookin’


  Peterbilt389 Tractor.jpg  Peterbilt389 Tractor2.jpg  Peterbilt389 Tractor & Tanker Trailer.jpg  Peterbilt389 Tractor & Tanker Trailer2.jpg  Peterbilt389 Tractor & Tanker Trailer3.jpg 

-Bill  [comp]

My saw is a DeWalt788
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Toymaking doesn't get any better than this. I am pumped to se these photos. They are just what I need to get energized. Thanks for sharing the super photos.
Grandpa Bear

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Excellent, color scheme does it proud. Keep them coming, best wishes Nick

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Well done. I like the color scheme. Great Idea for the tanker body.

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Very nicely done. The colors really make it POP! Great craftsmanship too. Hope you will post more fantastic pictures, they are very inspiring.
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