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Toy builder Bob

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Here are some pictures of the finished dump truck and trailer along with some notes concerning the changes I made. P1070477.jpg This picture shows how I lengthened the frame to accomodate the trailer hitch P1070484.jpg I increased the axle spread by moving the rear axle back by half an inch. P1070485.jpg I moved the box sub frame ahead by half an inch so that it is even with the back of the main frame. That way the box does not have so much rear overhang. P1070581.jpg Other changes I made, was to increase the cab shield width to one inch from half inch and add the rotating roof light.(Thanks Wombat). P1070594.jpg  P1070589.jpg  P1070583.jpg  P1070578.jpg  For the trailer I added tie down points so the equipment does not fall off the trailer.

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Bob, these are wonderfully made!   Thanks for the follow-up post.
  Lengthening the chassis to reduce tipper body overhang is a great improvement over the original "one size fits all" design, and stops the truck looking ass-heavy.
As said before, the next batch of mine will feature this trailer and hitch.
Hardly a fair swap though, a small orange light in exchange.[rolleyes]
Your paint finishes are great, I love that the chrome hubcaps actually reflect the grain in the table-top. You must have a better chrome paint than I found.
john lewman

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Hi Bob,

You have out-done all of us! These are perfectly thought out improvements that have sweetened the design. And your workmanship and finish is super-pro. I love the photos.
Toy builder Bob

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Thanks Wombat . The chrome paint is Rustoleum Brightcoat Metallic Finish Chrome, and John, It is always a pleasure working from your plans. Keep them coming.
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