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Peterbilt Truck Stop - Udie's Completed Station

Once again I have made some changes to the original plan set, or let us just call them embellishments. The plan sets from allows your creative juices to flow and do all kinds of things with and to them with little effort.

I felt the gas pumps needed something extra. So, I found some gas pump clip-art on line and modified them a little creating specific pumps for the various types of fuel available to us. I made a pump for Diesel fuel, Regular gas and High-test using peel-n-stick labels.

Small World Peterbilt Truck Stop

IMG_5633 B.jpg 

Next step was to paint the pumps silver, paint and add the nozzle/hose detail. Attach the labels and seal the assemblies with craft varnish and let them dry on the drying rack.

IMG_5629 B.jpg 
Then attach the completed assemblies to the gas pump bases.

IMG_5706 B.jpg 
So, now let us move on to the Truck Stop signage. Rather than cut a new piece of MDF to size as per the plan set,(sorry John) I dug into my scrap bin and found a piece of MDF which was close to the height specified by the plan set and cut it to a different length. Might as well use what I already have available to me - right!

I really was not in the mood to scroll saw the letters today and looked for an alternative. I remembered I had a box of peel-n-stick foam letters from another project and decided to use these. Works for me.

IMG_5648 B.jpg 
I used a long stir stick as my spacer from the bottom edge of the sign to assist me in adhering the letters.

Lastly, I could not come up with a symbol for my chain of Truck Stops (Gas Stations). So I decided to use a photo of "Mini-Udie" as my chain identifier. Here is what I ended up with. I used a piece of the handrail that I used when building the Tanker Trailer - looks good to me!

IMG_5708 A.jpg 

Here is a close-up of view of the signage on top of the building. What I am really demonstrating here is how easy it is to customize any signage to the end user. Just as I did when I made the Toddlers Townhouse project.

IMG_5676 B.jpg 
When it came time to build the structure, I did not have a sufficient amount of dowel stock to the diameter recommended by the plan set and elected to reduce the dowel diameter to stock I had in house being 3/8" diameter. Once glued in place, the assembly was quite solid. I think the larger diameter of 1/2" as per the plan set would be the way to build this, but I was anxious to complete this plan set.

Here are some photos of the completed Truck Stop.

IMG_5700 B.jpg 
IMG_5702 B.jpg 

IMG_5703 B.jpg 

Hope you enjoyed my version of the Peterbilt Truck Stop as much as I did making it.

Happy Toy Making - The Peterbilt Truck Stop
Imants Udris (Udie)
<<<<<     >>>>>

Ken Martin

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I like what you did for the sign, good idea.
Good use of what is on hand for this build.
Thanks for sharing.

Kenneth W Martin
john lewman

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Fantastic! I love it. I would love to see photos of it with the truck and your hands in the picture to show the scale. This is a beautiful piece of workmanship.

John - Thanks for the compliment and I will also put this photo request on my honey do list and get to it as soon as I can - Udie.

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Welcome to Udie's Peterbilt Flavour of the Truck Stop

" Hello and welcome to my truck stop! "

IMG_5791 B.jpg 
" Let us take a step back and see the whole picture. "

IMG_5811 B.jpg 
" I would love to give you a complete tour right now but as you can see I am
  really busy right now.

  I must continue to restock my pumps, move the trailer in the left bay so
  my buddy can fill up his 
  So ... please excuse me ... I've got to run! "

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