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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the tip on Bear Woods. 

Agree that the craftparts shipping seems expensive to me, too, as I’m making low volumes. I’m in US and checked Amazon to get free Prime shipping. However, the price for the wheels alone on Amazon was more than CraftPart’s product + shipping. 

Lesson learned = Amazon shipping isn’t always “free”. Sometimes it is just baked into the product price. LOL

Hi Connie,

I just thought it was interesting that Bear Woods (shipping from America by Small Packet International Air) is less than $20 but Woodcraft manage to up the shipping to over $60 using FedEx International Economy.

Wheels from Amazon UK were a complete joke and cost was even more than getting them sent from America with 'free' shipping, no discount for bulk buying



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Originally Posted by Mike1949

Hi Everyone. I think this is my 1st post. I have seen various posts about making wheels and buying them. I am about to start making a whole load of Play Pals. I went to the woodcraft site to order 500 of the wheels I need, $20 I thought was very cheap but when I added in the delivery that was another $60+ (I am in the UK) just a tad expensive, so I had a look around at other suppliers and found the Bear Woods Supply Company. Their price for 500 of the same wheels was $35 but airmail delivery was only $19.58, close on $30 cheaper. The impression I've got is that Woodcraft do a great deal for America but for all the other International Toymakers here Bear Woods may be well worth considering.

Hi Mike 1949. First of all welcome to this great Forum. I am a newbie as well, about 3-4 years now and i am loving this great hobby.

I have just read your post about you purchasing wheels as you are in England. I am too, in Swindon, and i have bought wheels and bits and bobs from Bear Woods before.
The Company is brilliant and the order arrived safely but i then got caught for VAT by Customs!!!!!!!!
I have used, for quite a few years now, and highly recommend a guy on Ebay UK called Tacegdums here is a link for you but go to his shop for the full range. He dosent stock the same huge range but he has over 21000 positive feedback and delivery is normally free and quick as well.

His wheels also include the relevent size and number of axles for the same equivalent price in Dollars from the USA or Canada without the extra taxes and the waiting lol.
If you are also looking for a good wood supplier for model making, both ready planed or to diy plane yourself then let me know as i use a couple of really great online and shop suppliers ok.
Have a look at my posts to see the quality of the wheels and woods that i use and please feel free to ask any questions that you might have....
All the best for now
Dave, Frogbucket, French

Peter V

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Hello Folks,

I order wheels at Casey Wood Products.

Excellent and excellent service. I also am - linving in The Netherlands - once caught by the customs with VAT. Let's say, that is European Union LOL.

Has someone experience by making those wheels himself? is that worhtwhile?


Peter V

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Hi Frogbucket and Peter V,

Many thanks for the URLs you have passed on. I have carefully squirreled them away for careful looking at over the next day or so

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