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This one was purchased today. Repeatedly I see marketing people talking about how you need to know who your target market is. When the lady told me why she was buying the toy I was completely blind sided I would not ever have come up with this on my own. I wish I could tell you but I can't make myself post it in a public forum without her permission.

This version of the Play Pal is reclaimed poplar finished with hand brushed satin polyurethane. I really like making the toys from poplar. It's not hard to get a butter smooth surface on it.

Yes, I do pick up a piece of wood and say to myself what can I make out of this. The result is that I get lots of variation and some unique toys that I could never duplicate.

20161126-083139-Etsy Wood Play Pal Pickup Truck - Poplar - Brushed Satin Polyurethane.jpg

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Click image for larger version - Name: 20161126-083047-Etsy_Wood_Play_Pal_Pickup_Truck_-_Popla..._Polyurethane.jpg, Views: 6, Size: 322.73 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 20161126-083017-Etsy_Wood_Play_Pal_Pickup_Truck_-_Popla..._Polyurethane.jpg, Views: 3, Size: 268.02 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 20161126-082945-Etsy_Wood_Play_Pal_Pickup_Truck_-_Popla..._Polyurethane.jpg, Views: 4, Size: 347.92 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 20161126-082924-Etsy_Wood_Play_Pal_Pickup_Truck_-_Popla..._Polyurethane.jpg, Views: 4, Size: 364.85 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 20161126-082846-Etsy_Wood_Play_Pal_Pickup_Truck_-_Popla..._Polyurethane.jpg, Views: 4, Size: 310.57 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 20161126-082707-Etsy_Wood_Play_Pal_Pickup_Truck_-_Popla..._Polyurethane.jpg, Views: 3, Size: 322.89 KB 

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