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My youngest brother was a pattern-maker by trade, so when his two grandson's asked about police cars, he set about carving a couple from some Kauri Pine he had. A basic car profile was sourced from the internet, and scaled to suit 1" purchased wheels, the rest was freehand. 
He found some red and blue LED's with a built-in flasher chip, so added a battery pack and switch for added realism.  
35A00B42-B0A2-43EB-855F-A1940122A444.jpeg  E05EEACE-AD3E-46DC-8DC0-373B9A243835.jpeg  A2BBB2D2-18C0-4C38-BD5C-030FD0B603B0.jpeg  AB7E519B-E298-4BE1-9670-371C67E87BDD.jpeg  795FDAAE-668D-43E6-8FE2-414DBC03BF81.jpeg  DA03B5A9-2DDE-4AB2-9C28-7F743AC2ED47.jpeg  ADE57119-19DC-4DC6-8D26-37F6E471B228.jpeg 

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These are so cool. I love the technology involved. These are impressive and well designed. I need to find out more about how it all works and give it a try! Thanks so much for posting.
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