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Frankg - Many of the members have posted using the bee's wax over paint for a land toy and love the results. Smell, feel, wash-down cleanup from sticky fingers and apply some more. I use it on all my projects.
Never tried using it over a painted then water proofed top coat for a water toy.
cynthia lewman

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Hi Frankg,

The mineral oil and beeswax finishing paste will work as a water resistant finish over bare wood and painted wood. However, it is water resistant and not waterproof. It's fine for boats that are played with for a hour or so in the water, then taken out and dried off. You can tell if it's working if the water beads up on the surface of the toy. It also needs to be reapplied occasionally.

Valspar varnish is safe for children except if it's used as a coating on a teething toy for infants. Any clear varnish manufactured in the USA is safe for children and best for waterproofing a toy.


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Yeah, got me a can of "Man O War" Marine spar varnish at the hardware store. I plan to use that.

Another cool item I experimented with is Plasti Dip from Performix. It creates a nice layer of a rubbery substance and dries clear. Sticks really good to the surface. Great for putting on the bottom surface of the boat to prevent water seepage. 4 hour drying time. It has many other applications as described on the can. I have the spray can version.

Frank Galica
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