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Painting toy parts under the watchful eye of the resident quality control inspector. supervisor1.jpg 

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thats good i'ts ok till you find something missing and find out the cat has taken it to play with that what mine do.gary
Gary Wisbey
cynthia lewman

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Hi PawPawRay,

What a great idea! I'm assuming you bought one of those ready-made clothes drying racks. I have a similar one that I purchased at Walmart that I use for drying clothes. I never considered using one as a toy parts drying rack! These racks are very inexpensive at Walmart. I think I paid about $10-$12 for mine. Thanks for sharing that tip!

I'm with Gary in that your photo looks like a deluxe cat toy! Lots of stuff to bat around!
Ken Martin

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Hello  PawPawRay,

I have been using my wife's cloths drying rack a little differently and you can see below.
I use the sharpened dowels on a board for painting wheels.
Also I have adapted Udie's idea of the hot glue and nail trick.  So much so that I had to come up with an easy something to stick them into.  As you can see the lids from styro coolers work great.
Thursday when getting ready for the latest craft show, I had over a 100 nails stinking in things and did 4 boards of wheels.  Lucky for me we had a real dry hot day for paint drying.
Thanks for sharing, I had never thought of hanging things from it.
Good idea.

Kenneth W Martin

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PawPawRay - Great idea using the drying rack and the best thing it is collapsible for easy workshop storage when not in use.
Ken - Another great idea of using the rack as a shelving unit for sticking in dowels or nails to support materials for drying.
I will have to look at those next time I'm out, it will certainly save a lot of workshop bench space.

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