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Hi all, As the title says. I'm after a 2''/51mm hole saw that will stay a bit sharper than the one I have, only going through about 18mm softwood. Has the group got any Ideas? I'm in the UK. thanks

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G'Day Bourbon,
I have recently found CMT hole saws, They arn't cheap but I have now got all tyhe sizes I need,( i think ).
There is a link in my post a couple above yours.
All of my toys are made from Tasmanian hardwoods and Myrtle and Jarra blunt teeth like a file but these are doing a brilliant job, I have just cut 120- 60mm discs for wheels and they cut like a hot knife through butter.


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Thanks for that info. much appreciated 

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I have a very cheap "Warrior" brand set from Harbor Freight and it has held up surprisingly well considering the price.  If it does go south I can easily get another set since it was very inexpensive.  I only use it on pine and poplar but I have friends who use the same brand sometimes on steel.
Martin L

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G'day Bourbon If you go to Sutton's Tools (an Australian Company) they are on the net and I do think that they send overseas.  Their range in bimetal blade hole saws is from 19mm to 90mm and in the yellow CMT type from 19 mm to 102 mm these are O.D. sizes.  On a 54mm O.D. the I.D will be 50.4 mm that is in the bimetal type and in the CMT type a 50mm cutter will give you a I.D. of 44mm. I have quite a few of these cutters in both types (bimetal and CMT).  They are a very good tool and they are able to be sharpened, Suttons have an in house sharpening service.
Daniel L Abbink

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I recently started making my wheels on the band saw. I made a circle cutting jig and it works fantastic. There several different ones on UTUBE. Has anyone else tried this. 
Daniel Abbink
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