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I am doing the trucks and cars- the wood is as we all know 1-1/2" thick where can I get the template bit? I have looked all over the cut needs to be at least 1-1/2" cut does anyone have a part number or where I can get this template bit? I have been everywhere looking for one.

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Bostonwindows30 - The 2" flush trim top bearing mounted router bit I demonstrated in the article and video was purchased from a Canadian supplier. Not sure where you live, if you send me a e-mail I can forward all the details to you. Many members have asked me about this bit and it is quite unique because it has 4 flutes. But, unfortunately depending where you live the shipping costs might be too high to justify the purchase. 2" flush trim top bearing router bits are not uncommon and will do the job also. Many members have e-mailed me saying that Freud makes one, reasonably priced and worked perfectly. If you local big box store or hardware store does not have displayed stock, you might to ask if they can order one for you. Another alternative would be to try e-bay, I know they have them there.
But, pay close attention to the shaft diameter, most will be 1/2" shafts so make sure your router can accept that diameter.

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Not hard to find. Just plug this "2 inch flush trim router bit" into Google and you will find several places to buy them. Home Depot has them.
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