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If you have built many toys from this site you are well aware of the many small parts that need to glued on in some hard to reach spots.  In the past I have used Titebond wood glues for all my projects with mixed results.  I liked the strong bond I get with Titebond glue; however, I don't like the thinness of the product which can result in some messy cleanups.
Recently, I ran across Titebond's Quick & Think Multi-surface glue and I found it be a great improvement in some applications.  In particular, I like the way it is possible to put Quick & Thick on small parts (taillights, headlights, mirrors) and because the product is thick it does not run and the viscosity of glue keeps the part where you put it without much pressure of clamps.  In addition, I like that the glue sets up faster (two times faster according to Titebond) so the parts stay put with any slippage.  It also dries clear, and is paintable.  I found the product was available on Amazon.  I bought two 8oz bottles for around $6.30 delivered.
If you have some small parts or parts you want the glue to set up quickly, I strongly recommend Titebond's Quick & Thick.
Rod T

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Great product. I find it really good for gluing wheels onto axles as well.

Rod T

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I have been using it for the last year or so and am very happy with it. It also will fill slight irregularities between pieces that are being glued up. 
Oeistein Jensen

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Thank you for Your tip Jmattsson

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I use it too. It is particulay good for things you can't easily clamp. Not good for wheels. It grabs so fast that you might not be able to get them on the axle.
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