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Had an opportunity to make a set of toys for a Christmas present and chose the Reallywood Road Crew set.  Made it through half of them before I ran out of time to have them finished in time, so I'll have to make the others for his birthday. [smile]  The plans are great and gave me an opportunity to slow down and concentrate on technique.  The outcome was better than my previous builds, though I still have a long way to go.  Love getting the tips and techniques from others on this board.

IMG_0223.jpg  IMG_0224.jpg  IMG_0229.jpg  IMG_0230.jpg  IMG_0231.jpg  IMG_0232.jpg


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Hi Jason
These are really, really cool and I love them. I think they are really high class and very quirky.
Hats off to you for painting them as its something I'm not at all comfortable to even try doing yet....
I'm glad that you enjoyed making them as well and I look forward to seeing more of your brilliant work soon.
Thank you also for your kind words that you have posted about my projects.
All the best
john lewman

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Wow! He will be thrilled to pieces. These are really charming and dripping with kid-appeal. Mom and Dad will be delirious.
Rod T

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These look great.
Really nicely painted. The young one is going to be thrilled with these.

Rod T
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