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If anyone is going to make the Red Rocket Ryder, or the Fab 57 Ryder I’ve found out that if you cut the front axle down to 6” it makes it a lot easier for the kids to steer and it doesn’t get in the way of their feet when they are pushing it. I’ve also replaced the front steering dowel with a 3/4” steel pipe rather than the 3/4” oak dowel. I made one for a little girl and some how she broke it and it looked like a stake that you would use to kill a vampire. Luckily she didn’t get hurt.

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Great info to be aware of and nice looking ride- Thanks
john lewman

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Time Man we thank you for this input. We have never seen an oak dowel that diameter that could be broken if it had straight grain. The one in question must have been quarter sawn with the grain at an angle at some point.

Your steering solution is brilliant. Thanks for that suggestion. It is a perfect solution to improve the performance. I have been puzzled for years on what to do about that. Duh!!

Now I am going to design more riders that perform a lot better.
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