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Ken Martin

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Hi Again

Update On Redoing The Headlights On My New Gran Prix

I thought I could pass off a mistake I made on the Gran Prix.  Look at the first and last photo on the previous post and you can easily see the headlights are too long.  I am sure most of you saw this mistake, but were way to kind to say anything.
The photos Ken is referring to is in his first topic post titled "Ciccarelli Gran Prix".
I have provided the link to this post for you convenience - Udie

My best friend, adviser, and inspector general of FuzzyDuck's toy world, Imants, saw the mistake and very nicely mentioned that if it would not mess up the car maybe I could fix the headlights.

(By the way, I could not get the car to pass my wife’s inspection either.)

OK, I will try to fix it because I have been building another one as I built this one, so if I mess it up, I can use the other one.

 This photo shows the first step.  Cutting off the headlights with my trusty hobby saw. As you can see not all that straight.
OK, not bad, so I did a quick sand and paint job.  Quick being the word to note, and sent the photo below to Imants.
I was not impressed with what I had done, and guess what, Imants was not either.
He noted the headlights were not the same length and the paint job was not up to par.

So back to the shop.  I took the paint off the headlights, re-sanded the drivers side headlight down (like it should have been if the first place), then repainted, this time taking the time to do it right.

Finished photos are below.  This car now has the approval of the inspector general and my wife.
Note:  The headlights look much better.

DSC03110_mini 2nd remod of headlights.JPG 
I wanted to post this update for two reasons.
First; true friends or a true love should be able to say what they think they need to say, or critique you when they need to without hurting feelings.  I am so fortunate to have a friend like Imants.  I would not be as far along in my toy making adventure without him.  Also, I cannot say enough about how special my wife is to me.

Second;  For those of you who are new in the toy making world, don't be afraid to ask for honest advice, and take it to heart when you need to.  It was so much better to redo this model and have it right than to send it out to a customer and wonder if they are going to notice.  All this was done to the car after I had sent photos of the original car to my client for approval.  

I just knew I could do it better.

Thanks to all of you who are my new friends and helpers out there in the Forum.

Kenneth W Martin
Ken Martin

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The extra effort paid off so I am "Blowing My Own Horn"

I sent Gran Prix to my customer after spending the extra time to repair the lights my wife and Udie did not like.  It got there yesterday and this is the reply I received.

"Dear Ken,
This is Patrick Kilchermann, Amanda's husband. We received your car today, and I have to say...
...this is the most incredible toy I've ever seen. I am 28 years old, and I like to think I've seen my share of 'stuff'. I don't know if it's because I'm a car guy, or what... but I just can't get over this car. The lines are... exquisite. The headlights molded into the fenders.. the rear fenders, the trunk... 
I don't understand how this was only $25. Ken, you should charge more! This car is so... attractive in a way that only a car guy could understand. Either way, it belongs on a desk or in a glass case- I don't think I can let my little guy have it! I think I would cry if I saw it chipped...
The paint work is flawless. The wheels are perfectly tuned. 
When I picked it out, I could tell it was nice... but my God. This is a work of art. It should have cost $40 - $50 at least...
Thank you so much for this, Ken. I'm trying to decide what to do with this car. Please wish me luck!
I told him not to worry I could build him another one at $40 or $50.00 which ever he prefers.  LOL

Sometimes the extra work pays off.
Also I sent them an extra bonus; one of the new Mini Martin Motors cars with the burnt bottom as a thank you for being patient with me because there order was late do to my illness.
Today a was rewarded with a thank you photo of their son playing with his Mini Martin Motors car.
Sometimes being nice and going the extra mile really does work.

Kenneth W Martin

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well done ken sounds like it all came out right in the end i have only just seen this post as had a lot of work on at my 9-5 job so no toymaking the last few weeks i have to say i think some of your prices are a little low i know its hard to get this right but on my first gran prix i made it went out to the usa as a display car that some one wanted for a birthday gift mine was not painted just wood and wax/oil on top and i sold that for about £50 uk pounds not sure what that is in us dollers.
Gary Wisbey

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     You must be walking around like a peacock showing all you feathers. That is a terrific customer response and even bigger that your customer took the time to send you that.
     High quality deserves high acknowledgements, good for you.
Thank you for sharing that with us.
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