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Here is my 4th rocking motorcycle. Love the plan set by Mr. John!! This one was sold at a show and today I am delivering it. I required half down and remaining balance on delivery. Took about 2 weeks to make. I just retired on december 11th, so i will have more time now in the shop.

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Nothing is as it seems!


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What a great item. It makes me wish I was 74 years younger and was still able to rock.  It is an heirloom for the ages. .I can see it being passed on for generations and when waiting for the next rider being displayed prominently in their houses, I admire your workmanship and the skill it takes to create a  masterpiece such as this.


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love the natural wood look. great job

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nice work

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Hi Garry,
 that is one fine example of the rocking motorbike! Nothing like a lovely clear gloss finish to bring out the best in wood choices.
Seeing so many of you guys building these, and them turning out so well, has my finger hovering over the "buy plans" button.
As I still have heaps of plans  yet to be brought to life, sorting out priorities is getting hard.
BTW  congrats on your retirement.
Once you have finished working thru the missus' list of home improvements/maintenance, you will wonder how you ever had time to fit in going to work.
I can vouch for the fact that retirement is not a bad stage in life, think of it as being self-employed.  Worse pay but better boss [smile]


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That really is a great looking motorbike. Congratulations.

Welcome to the ranks of the retired too - if you're anything like me you'll find that one way and another, you'll get so busy you'll wonder how on earth you ever found the time to "waste time" by going to work every day!

Kind regards

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