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Making small wooden cars. I am going to use a 2” tall flush cut router bit on a pattern template. What size router bit would you use, 1/2” or 1/4” diameter. Thanks

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I use a 1" tall 3/8" or 1/2" bit for template work.
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I use a 1/8" radius round over router bit with the smallest bearing to allow me to get as close as possible to tight radius in both inside and outside radii corners.
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Yup, I'm much the same as Bloop - in principle, the smallest possible round over bit that I can find (WITH top guide bearing).

In my case I use the bits from the Dremel Trio router "thingy" - I bought mine as an ex-display model from a shop and got 75% discount (I asked because some bits were missing)!

Personally I would not recommend this machine (it's poor in comparison with other Dremel tools I have, and actually I think Dremel have discontinued it). But the small router bits you can get for it (would you believe they're 4.8mm shaft diameter - what a daft size!!!) are absolutely ideal for rounding over small & tiny parts (I've made a very small ali "router plate" for mine which I hold inverted in the vice).

BUT I think any router with a small foot print, quarter inch collet, and as said, smallest possible radius round over bit with guide bearing on top, will do the job. And PROVIDED you're VERY careful with your fingers, and routing direction, mounted inverted in a small table is "the way to go" IMO.

Added about careful with your fingers: For really small work pieces I mount them with double-sided carpet tape on a piece of thick Perspex. That was I can see what I'm doing, but any slips ruin only the Perspex or the job - both of which are easier to "replace" than fingers! [smile]


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