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Hi. I always have loved wood working but i get confuse everytime i go to buy paints... I have done some woodwork in small scale but i suck in painting..

Could you please explain to me if acrilics paints are safe for children? They use to get in the mounth this kind of toys..

i have read some forums in this page but here in the store (homecenter) are a lot of posibilities in paint and primers. i always get so confuse and all the assement i receave recomend me a diferent product.

So, i will make my first toy. . After i finish the pieces of wood, please recomend me,

one primer,
one type of paint non toxic for children  (Poly? Acrilic? water base?[confused])
one wax...

am i missing something? I wont use spray cans... I will paint by hand..



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I'm not new to woodworking or toy making. Until I found this site I had always used no finish or polyurethane. Lately I have been experimenting with paints. For brushing acrylics are hands down no contest the best. They clean up easy dry fast and come in a huge amount of colors. This helicopter is painted with three coats of acrylic. I didn't use a primer because I didn't have any at the time. It worked fine without the primer.
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All paints manufactured in the USA are non-toxic when dry. A lot of toymakers use Krylon or Rustoleum spray can paint for a glossy finish. For teething age children you can make up a batch of Cynthia's Paste Wax Finish. The recipe is in the How-To-Video section. The link is at the top of this page. When making teethers the only wood I can recommemd is hard maple. It never splinters and also takes the paste wax very well. Please share photos of your project so we can learn from you.
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