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Hey guys.
   I was hoping to get some tips for the quick and easy heirloom rocking horse, I've cut out the pieces today for the main horse, now all 4 pieces need to be glued together. Well I guess my cutting is not as good as I thought. My horse is out in places by a quarter inch, I've just ordered a drum sanding kit from Amazon. My plan is to glue the 2 main pieces and then sand them to the same size with the drum kit, will probably take some time [smile], then glue one outside piece and do the same, and then finally the last outside piece. My concern is that now I'll be working with a 3" piece. Any other tips ? I was going to use my dremel and try to clean up the mouth area, just not sure if I can get a 3" long sanding bit.
   Current tools I have Palm sander Orbital - hand sander - Drill press.
Thanks mrbobisto

Quick n' Easy Heirloom Rocking Horse


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mrbobisto - Could you post some photo's of your problem spots, that would really help us. Sounds like your main body pieces for the horse are not symmetrical. Is it possible for you to lay one piece on top of the other, then trace out where you are mismatched in shape and then recut that area? That would eliminate a lot of sanding. I think I would approach it by putting the two centre pieces together and make that profile match each other, then take one of outer pieces lay it on top of the do the same tracing step and repeat this step for the other outside piece. Your horse does not have to match the paper pattern perfectly. It is a guideline - if you have to change the profile/shape a little to match, that's OK. You mentioned you are out by 1/4", change the profile to make the pieces match, no one will know that you had to do that. If your horse is going to be painted, you can even cut out some areas and glue in a block of wood and then recut it to shape, your repair will be covered with paint. But ... if you are leaving it as natural wood, that is a little more difficult to do.
What wood are you using? - Are you painting?

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Hi Udie,
   I'm using 3/4" Laminated pine, I used my Jig saw to take off any extra ( since I had glued the 2 middle pieces together) which helped, and used a random Oribital sander to take it down some more. I think with a drum sanding kit I should be able to get all the pieces to match up well. I'll have to use a dremel and be creative for the mouth piece, since its going to be 3" thick and a dremel has a small sanding bit. But its coming along, I think what I might do, is once I cut the rockers out I will double side tape them together to be able to sand them uniform.
Its been fun so far I will say!
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