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Because I don't have a table saw, I'm considering a new jig saw to supplement my scroll saw.  Considering a DeWalt or Bosch.  Any ideas and/or recommendations?  Thanks.


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For an entry-level saw, the Delta is supposed to be pretty much the same as the DeWalt, but it is cheaper. Amazon has sales on this saw.


If you are not in a rush to buy, I would suggest looking for a lightly used scroll saw. Depending on where you live, this might take a while. Where I am in Tallahassee Florida scroll saws a rarely for sale, and most of them are the inferior quality saws. However, both od my current saws were purchased used. If I were buying new today, I would choose from one of these.




  1. Seyco ST-21 Swing Tilt Scroll Saw
  2. Pegas 21" Scroll Saw
  3. BM-20 Precision Scroll Saw
  4. Hegner


The Pegas would likely be my first choice. It is the one most similar to my Excalibur EX21. It has everything I need right out of the box.


The best place I know to ask scrollsaw questions is Scroll Saw Village:

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Hello Hambone.
Whether or not a jigsaw can supplement a scrollsaw depends on what you want to do with it.
I certainly would not want to cut out  one of the motorcycle rocking horses on a scroll-saw, but then again, you could not do it with a table saw either. A jigsaw is the answer for cutting out curved shapes larger than will fit in a scrollsaw. 

If all you want to do is dock lumber to length, or rip sheets of ply down to smaller pieces, buy a decent panel saw over a table saw or a jigsaw.  A panel saw with a clamped straight edge will do a better job on large sheets than a table saw.

I am fortunate enough to own all four types of power saws, plus a good selection of hand saws. Each has their place.

If a jigsaw is your tool of choice, consider how much use you expect to get from it. 
Whilst the old adage " you don't get what you don't pay for" is true enough, paying more does not always ensure you get more than just extra brand cachet.

Both the Bosch and DeWalt brands have a good name around my neck of the woods.

 Check them out in person; feel how they work in your hand, are they comfy or unwieldy; how easy is it to change the blades; do they need a brand-specific blade or can they accept generic blades.  How much horsepower they have will determine your rate of progress through hard /thick wood.  (as Tim the Toolman said, there is no substitute for more power) 

Finally, it all boils down to how much money your wife will let you spend.  [biggrin]


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A few years back local guy was selling a Hawk Saw (like new) for under $300. I was not into scroll saw work at the time and had not idea the quality and /or price of a Hawk. I already had a old Craftsman saw at the time that I never used. Sure can kick myself now!!

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Thanks for our reply regarding a jig saw replacement (no longer on my list) and the list of various scroll saws for consideration.  My Dewalt 788 is 12 years old and may be in need of an upgrade. I read the ads frequently. (My practice is mostly toys and small items.  I don't sell anything.)



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