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PonyRocker1.jpgHaving made all the oak furniture that our house can accommodate, I was looking for other things to do when my wife suggested making some toys for the Christmas Fair she organizes in our village each year – working on them throughout the year rather than in a rush at the last minute. So I started on this rocking horse.

It is made using the very comprehensive plans but I was nudged in their direction by watching an excellent video on YouTube from The Woodfather, and by its appealing design which is so ‘friendly’.
Mario Cappellano’s demonstration really helped with construction, particularly his method of aligning the runners, and I watched it many times over.

Some time ago, in a local woodyard, I found some white plastic sheet, about 1/4 inch thick that had been used for an advertising sign, from which I had made some sliding doors for a storecupboard. I used leftovers of this plastic to make patterns for each of the horse shapes, then used an edge-trimming router cutter to finish the actual MDF parts which had been roughly cut out with a jigsaw.

Although this version is painted, as I have the patterns, I am thinking of making more – at least one using (laminated) wood boards for the body, but with iron-on veneers for the mane,saddle,etc. Finishing with Danish Oil should be a lot easier than painting.


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Muskokamike, Thanks, and to respond to your comments . . . . . .
My plastic was opaque white, but works just as well
Screws used for the rockers (using holes where dowels go later) but double sided tape for the other (thinner) shapes
Baltic plywood looks a good option
I recently purchased a cheap spraygun but haven't got into using it yet.   A spraybooth and cleaning up are what are holding me back  LOL
The plans are based on making the mane, saddle, etc as separate pieces - which I did, from 6mm MDF
I agree its unlikely that a decent profit could be made as a commercial enterprise - my estimate of material costs is around £35.00
If you watch The Woodfather's video, you see his daughter riding at the end.

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donjohn24 - Excellent job - your colour selection and paint job look outstanding - thanks for posting. Definitely an heirloom piece to passed down thru many generations.
I must agree with you, the video Mario (The Woodfather) posted really is a great source of information for building this project and he does deserve a big pat on the back for posting it.

Looking forward to seeing the others you build for your wife's fair, I vision seeing a corral of Mustangs of various natural woods and painted ponies.

Couple questions - do you mark your projects of this type with your name and date and what price would you be selling these at the fair?

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One thing on spray guns, they are not all created equal. What works well for lacquer and thinner bodied mediums won't work on latex or acrylics.....One thing about a spray booth: it doesn't have to be elaborate...I don't have one and I used to paint cabinets. A high cfm exhaust fan is a must. One thing about high velocity, low pressure guns (aka HVLP) is that you don't get much overspray/misting.

What gun did you get? let me know the make and model and I might be able to give you some advice.

Your plastic sounds like sign white....where I live that is about $8.00 psf or...6 british pounds? Not sure how big of a piece you found but it is (IMO) worth it's weight in gold lol...I did a lot of work with acrylics and have many offcuts and will NOT let them go without a fight.....

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Beautiful job.  Reminds me of the rocking horse my grandfather made my mother.  Love the colors and the information you provided in the post.

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Very nice!!!   Getting ready for the holidays now is a great idea. 
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