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I am making tucks for the under privileged children at my local Elementary School. We live in a lower income county and our children need these for Christmas. I hope to have 25-50 done for Christmas. The photos are not finished yet but just wanted to show you what I am doing. Thanks forum trucks.jpg
PaPa Jack

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Congradulation for doing a great service !  I try to give small cars away during the month of Christmas.  I carry a box in my car and usually put one or two in my pocket.  If I see a kid or two (make sure there are not a lot of kids) I tell them I work for Santa Clause and I wanted to know if they have been good this year.  Your will not believe the fantastic reactions I get from Kids and parents!  I even stop some kids from crying and fussing at the table.  "Of course" I leave one of my cards with Grandma !
Miriam Janssen

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They look beautiful what a nice gesture to give them away.
I made a bunch of these too and love the concept.
Keep up the good work!

- Miriam -

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