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Rod T

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Hi Everyone.

A happy new year to you all and I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas.

After much procrastination and deliberation I finally bought myself a new Excalibur Scrollsaw back in early December and I must say I am impressed with it. Having 3 weeks off work over the xmas break has given me time to get it settled in and get used to it.

I started out with some basics and used up some of my scraps left over from other toys.

Here are some of the Wild Woodys and Play Pals that I kicked off with. I think I made about another dozen or so, but these were swiftly given away as last minute xmas gifts.

IMG_1513.JPG  IMG_1527.JPG  IMG_1529.JPG 
Great way to use up those small scraps of timber that are left over.

Those of you that have seen my toys on the forum know that I have been using an Orange Oil for finishing. Back in November I attended our local woodworking show to buy some more from the supplier. After talking with the guy there, he put me onto another product of his called Butcher Block Conditioner. It seems to have similar ingredients to Cynthia's Wax recipe and works really well. The Orange Oil seemed to dry out after about six months, so I have moved to this product. 

Here is a link to the website if anyone is interested. Also a pic of the bottle.

Rod T


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Nice work Rod. Would wager you produced a multitude of smiles at Christmas. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year.

I too am looking at obtaining a new scroll lsaw. The Excalibur is a bit out of my budget so I believe I will go with a Dewalt 788.


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A lot of nice work there. I've had an Excalibur for quite awhile and just love it, it made a difference in my ability to cut accurately.


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A bunch of very nice looking toys. It's amazing what a difference some nice looking wood makes to a simple design. 

I have an Excalibur EX21. RBI Hawk and my old AMT Taiwan cast iron saw. They all cut smooth but I almost never use the older ones. If I didn't feel like I needed a backup The other two would be on Craig's list. If I find another EX21 deal like I did this one. They are gone.

I do use the RBI Hawk on occasion only if I'm not making internal cuts. It's tall enough that I'm comfortable cutting standing up.

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.

john lewman

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This is a sweet set of wood toys. I am thinking about an excalibur for myself. I still use an old Porter Cable from Lowes.
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