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Hello everyone

I'm new to scroll saws - I just bought one used off of Craigslist, and sunk a few additional dollars into it to get it to the condition I want it in, and I have a quick question about the blade tension. Not what tension to set the blade at, or how to figure out if it's tensioned enough.

What I want to know is whether it is OK to keep the blade under tension when the saw is not being used, or if I should release the tension like I do for my band saw blades. I know that a major reason that I have to release the tension on the band saw is to protect the tires on the wheels, which is not an issue for the scroll saw, but are there any reasons why I should detension the blade when not in use anyways?

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Very good question and one that I can't recall being asked before. The Scroll Saw workings isn't my strongpoint so to maybe find the answer to the question I referred to my Owners Manual. I found mention of the Tension setting but the reason behind the answer I must say I'm not aware of but here's the reference. tension_opt.jpg

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I usually leave mine the way it is when I'm done. I'm certain it will not hurt the blade either way. However, anything else would depend on what kind of saw you have.

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I was told to release the tension from the bloke who gave me my 1st lessons, so I still do release it . he said not good to leave it under tension,
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