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Scroll Saw Tune Up - Blade to Table Surface

How would you like to guarantee that your blade is 100% at 90° to the table Surface?
How would you like to do this check at any time and not require any special tools to do it?

I found this wonderful tip on the internet I would like to share it with you.
I am not the originator of the photographs or the video and credit will be given to the originator at the end of this post.

The procedure is quite elementary.

Step 1 - Take a block of wood and make a shallow cut. Use a piece of wood as wide as you scroll saw can handle.
Blade Alignment 1 of 3.jpg 
Step 2 - Rotate the board around, do not flip the board, and check your shallow cut against the blade.
Blade Alignment 2 of 3.jpg 
Step 3 - Adjust the angle of the table surface by one half (1/2) of the difference, lock the table in place and make another shallow cut.

Blade Alignment 3 of 3.jpg 
Repeat this process as many times as necessary until the cut line matches the blade angle.
Now your blade is 100% at 90° to the table surface.
Quick simple and easy - no tools required.

The originator of the photographs and video can be found on YouTube, search for ...
YouTube Video Title: Scroll Saw Blade Alignment
                         By: Scroll Saw Paradise
              Hosted By: Bloodworth aka Tripple B.

To watch the video from here, all you have to do is click on the photo below.

Intro to Blade Alignment.jpg 

Having problems then try:

Enjoy and Happy Toy Making
Imants Udris (Udie)

phantom scroller

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Udie  Good info and video I use that method on my bandsaw and have a block of hardwood cut at 90 deg for my scrollsaw and just place it next to the blade before I start.
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