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I have a scroll saw and I basically never use it. I just cannot get used to it. Most of the time I use my band saw, especially if I know that I am going to paint the toy.

Here is an example of how I use my band saw instead of the scroll saw, bear in mind that the toy is going to be painted. I am currently busy building 60 self assemble toys for a shop.

This is a tug boat that I was building.
1b.jpg I must cut out the middle part for the hull.

1.jpg I start by cutting it from the backside.

Then I slide it over my 1" belt sander and start to sand away the rough edges on the inside to make it smooth.
4.jpg  5.jpg 

Once sliding it off my belt sander I glue a piece of wood the same thickness as my band saw blade in the opening.

Then I use my oscillating sander to sand away the protruding edge of the wood on the inside and to smooth the inside corners.

Then I use the Mouse sander to sand away the remaining protruding edges on the top, bottom and back.
Once the toy is painted nobody will see the piece of wood that you inserted.


Peter V

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Hello Willem,

nice build and well executed.

Just curious, doing this with a bandsaw, it is in fact the same as with a scrollsaw? Especcially when you do an "aftersanding" with an oscillating sander. It seems to me that, when scrolling with a little oversize, it is in all much easier (quicker) than with a bandsaw??


Peter V

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Neat trick!
 I imagine the bandsaw has a bit more grunt than a scrollsaw, so when it comes to cutting lots of thicker pieces you would still save a bit of time overall.

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Great technique.

I much prefer the scroll saw even for 1-1/2 inch stock. There is much less sanding to do, and inside cuts are easier. However, it does take a lot of practice to master a scroll saw.

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.
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I have a nice Band Saw and Scroll Saw. I use the Scroll Saw 95% of the time for making toys. Originally I had a saw from a big box store that was under $150. I found a used  26 inch RBI Hawk Scroll Saw for a great price it took my hatred for using the scroll saw away to where it is probably my top used tool in my shop. 
Once you have the right saw and get used to it your sanding becomes minimal.

Papa Scott
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