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Howdy all,
     Started working on the Mini constructors backhoe today..I have big hands and my portal cable saw has a big ole hold down/foot assembly ? that you adjust up or down depending on thickness of wood..It was really difficult to try to cut the parts out with this part on the saw..
     Question: I know nothing about scroll saws and was wondering if this assembly is necessary to cut parts or is it optional ? What would be the pro's/con's of taking this assembly off the saw ?
Thanks in advance [smile]

Black Wolf

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The hold down assembly is similar to the table saw blade guard/kickback teeth/splitter shield.
It is a safety item.
Scroll saw blades break, for various reasons.
It is there to assist in applying appropriate pressure against the wood to the saw table reducing the chance of raising the wood piece dangerously high when a constant downward pressure is not applied.
Remember, some scroll saw blades also cut on the up stroke.
In addition it provides protection for you fingers and hands, buy reducing how close your fingers get to the oscillating blade itself.
Many hold down assemblies also provide the air that is used to blow the saw dust away making your cutting line visible at all times, reducing cutting errors.
It is a safety feature, sometimes it is raised to complete a specific cut, just like when the table saw guard is removed to make a dado cut.
It is there for your protection.
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