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Those of us who have a scrollsaw that only takes pin blades can use a smaller hole by removing the pin at the top of the blade feed blade thro the air hole and use a safety pin thro the top hole and attach to the machine, it can be a bit fiddly but it works.Remove the pin by either using a pair of pliers and twisting it out, or tap it out with a small hammer.
The air supply to clear away the dust from the cutting line is very poor, so I have bought a cheap a fish tank air supply pump and a couple of feet of pipe and have taped it to the top of the scrollsaw, the air supply is now a whole lot better

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Bryandliz - Great tip about the converting the blades and using an aquarium pump for your dust away air source is a perfect solution. I am guessing, it also supplies more air pressure. I can see using this pump on the band saw and using it as a tool to blow off dust after sanding components. Great idea [thumb].

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I don't know if anybody else has this but I have several air compressors and one of them is an old and I do mean old air brush compressor I was given and it has about 30 psi and that is constant so I made a stand off bracket both for my scroll saw and also for my band saw it works great better than given up to a life below my work bench. I have seen several of these in used tool shops and pawn shops and they can be had for less than 30.00 bucks ..... of course now if you don't have an airbrush maybe now would be a good time to get one if you find a compressor.
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