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Big Yin

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I was asked by my daughter if I could make boxes that she was going to fill
with various items and materials for a sensory box for my six month old grandson.
This apparently helps with their learning and development and it is also great fun.
They were made out of a mixture of 9mm ply and some 3/4 inch pine that was not too heavy but was robust. They were joined with glue but strengthened with doweling  as I did not want to use screws or nails.
This was my first attempt at using a scroll saw when I cut out the letters.
They were finished of with Cynthia's Bees Wax. Sesnor boxes for Glen (1).JPG  Sesnor boxes for Glen (2).JPG

john lewman

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This is a wood toy with great play value. We would all enjoy seeing some of the sensory toys that fill the boxes. Even more fun would be seeing your grandson going through the boxes and his discovery process. The boxes are beautifully designed and crafted. Thanks for sharing.
phantom scroller

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Great sturdy boxes good work.[thumb]
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