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I have had a few Qs about shaping.  In this post I will show how I shape the fuselage of a B-17 Bomber from an "Aviation History" set of plans by Forest Street Designs, purchased pattern through Scroller.  This set of plans has many old planes through aviation history - albiet they are small, all plane planes fit on one (1) 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.  Originally, I built the B-17 based on the plans scale, this one I upscaled to 11x17 paper.

The below picture shows that fuselage with the addin cupola.  One half (right side) is shapped, while the left side is marked with pencil lines - in preparation for shapping.
20200316_172349_resized.jpg  This is a side view of the pencil layout lines for shaping.

I use a dremmel with a sanding drum, these drums come in two sizes, I use both.  Also the sand paper can be purchased in several grits.  I use 80, 120, and 220 grit for the shaping.
20200317_104002_resized.jpg  This is the rough shapped fuselage w copula.
20200317_103948_resized.jpg  head on shot of the rough in shaping of the B-17.
Next comes the wing, stabilizer shapping.


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Next is the setup for shapping the rear stabilizer. 20200317_104012_resized.jpg  20200317_104026_resized.jpgThe two pictures show the the rear stabilizer from two different angles.  The pencil lines are guides to shape to.
This plan has four engine cowlings, four props, a tail, weapons pods, and the front wing.  I will post as I shape each of these sets of B-17 components.


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Thanks for the insights on shaping the body of the plane.  That is the answer to the problem I have been trying to figure out for about a month.  Using the Dremel is something that I had not considered.
Thanks and keep up the beautiful work,
Glenn, The Toymaker

Glenn Funderburk
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