PaPa Jack
I have been  putting this off but here goes,  I seems like a silly topic but it continues to be a problem for me.  Would like to ask what type of clothes everyone is wearing  I have shop in garage and need to go in and out several times and have to undress each time since I am covered with dust.  All of my tools are connected directly to a 2 1/2 vac hose to dump bucket to shop vac to vac hose that is vented to outside   Still my shop is covered with dust   I have overhead air filter which I turn on when I leave   I have used jump suits, shorts and tee shirts, shop aprons, and even tried a Dr's coat to cover clothes.  Would like to know what others are doing.  I do stay in shop about 3-4 hrs at a time.  Thanks
Dickiies work pants and a long-sleeved denim shirt with the tail out large enough to go over another shirt. I use shirt garters (scrunchies) to keep my sleeves pulled back snug, so they don't catch on anything. Tails keep dust off the top of my pants and out of my pockets and phone holster. I leave the shirt in the garage and blow the dust off my pants or use a vacuum. 

I once had some coveralls made of some synthetic material that dust would not stick too. I wore out the coveralls and could never find a replacement. 

I highly recommend the Dickies Double Knee work pants. They are comfortable and tough as nails. Buy them at WalMart or like I do direct from Dickies website. The only falts I have found with them is I think the pockets are too small and the phone pocket on the leg should be on the front, so you don't sit on whatever is in the pocket. I keep earplugs in mine. 

I just use shorts, tshirt and sandles....... I love on a tropical island.

I just use my air compressor to blow off the dust.
DON'T blow dust off your cloths with an air line. Microscopic germs can be forced through the skin and cause major health problems. I know, it happened to me