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Ken it occurred to me that what you said in the other post was that it's all about the kids we hand these hand made toy's to. It also brings out the point that they don't always care if it did not come out quite as expected. The other day I had sorta finished Osnis Jeep and for reasons that just don't make any sense it did not come out as expected. My 4 yr old boss said Papaw its ok I want to play with it anyway. So I stuck some wheels on it and he has run that sucker all over the place! it's un-painted, un-finished and no windshield go figure.
Anyway the point of this is I had not shown the reason I like doing this stuff so much. So here is the 4 yr old BOSS and one of the many reason's I love doing this... ( this is not all of the toy's lol ) and you know what else see those 3 boards in the picture, he saw them on my bench one day and ask what are these and I said well their just some spare boards. He ask if he could play with them and I said sure. Well they have been roads, blockades, bridges and even an arch way... Gotta love the imagination of kids

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Ken Martin

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This picture is priceless.  Gotta Love it.  Thanks for sharing.
I like the part of the plain boards.  You just never know where simple things might take a still creative little mind.

Just Great.  What a big smile.

Kenneth W Martin

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Love it!!!

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Now that's what I call a happy boy! You are correct this is for the kids.

I do love it!

-Bill  [comp]

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Rod T

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A picture paints a thousand words.....

Absolutely awesome, this is what it is all about.

Rod T


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This is exactly why I make toys. Mind you the great grandson now has to have a small piece of wood and some sand paper he comes into the shed and stands beside me sanding it he is only just 2.
Well done on all the toys

I have so much fun playing with wood.

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The smile says  it all [thumb]
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