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Have a CNC that I use for many things. I use it to cut most of my parts for my toys from the wonderful plans on this site. But I also use it to do some 3D carving. This is one that I recently finished. I did it in a piece of oak that I had laying around. Probably won't use it again for any of my carving. Not a fan of the grain being so defined once I put a poly finish on it.



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I do quite a bit of carving/relief work with my CNC but always use a close grained timber so the grain isn't so accentuated - great job!!! You  might decrease the grain with a darker stain - this often seems to have been been done in a lot of church and other furniture in previous years.
john lewman

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What a beautiful piece of art. Well done. We appreciate your efforts and are thrilled that you share your CNC talents with us. I am very interested in CNC but just haven't taken the plunge. Your posts are inspiring me to get on with it!
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