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So with School started my time has been limited in the shop (wife and I share duties taking grand kids to school etc)

So I dug into the back burner pile and decided that i could finish a couple of toy's. I had started on the "Mack Tool Truck" and wrecker but never finished them (i.e final parts assembly, paint etc.)

Anyway my grand son and I where just not feeling the Mack tool truck. I did not like the way the tool box's turned out and he kept wanting something that would haul his cargo blocks and other goods.

So (hopefully John Lewman will forgive me) I took a hard right turn and modded the truck a bit (a lot LOL)

the truck is mostly finished but i still have a couple of little things to tidy up (4 yr old boss is ready to take it as is LOL )
I used metallic paint for the body and bed, and sanded between coats using 600grit, and then 2 coats of clear coat sanded between with 600 grit.
I still have the wrecker in a bag ready to finish. It will get some minor mods as I had a knot fall out on the wench arm [frown]
thanks for looking

truck_5417.jpg  truck_5418.jpg 
truck_5419.jpg  truck_5421.jpg 

Ed - Making sawdust in the shop [wave]

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Nice mods, looks great. Kids love anything that can carry all their treasures.

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I like that modification - looks great and fun for the kids.
john lewman

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Great creativity. I love it when the designs are modified like this. It is really inspiring. And the proportions of the modification are right on.
Ken Martin

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You did  a nice job on this truck.  The Metalics are great to paint with, and cover so great.
Kenneth W Martin
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