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My wife came to me and wanted me to make some toy's that she take church when they start making up baskets for Christmas this year. She of course reasoned that if it took me this long to make car's and trucks for the 4 yr old boss that she should get her order in soon than later LOL.

So here are the first unfinished batch, rough cut and ready to sand and decide what finish. The wife said she wanted to do her own finishing so who and I to argue LOL

I stuck some wheels on a some just to see how they are looking.

Funny thing is I had never made any of these. This was the first pattern I downloaded and been hooked ever since.
I have a whole bunch more to make at this point. I have the next batch drilled and ready to cut out next.
I think I will try to convince her to just do a warn bees wax mixture dip. I'll see how that goes after I get a bunch cut and she is trying to figure out what do do with them LOL

Nothing fancy here but a fun set of toy's to make now that I actually made a few [smile]

roughcut_5422.jpg  roughcut_5423.jpg  roughcut_5424.jpg 

Ed - Making sawdust in the shop [wave]

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Nice!!  I love these and a great give away.  It is an excellent way to make use of all those little extra pieces of wood we hate throwing away. 
john lewman

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Very clean toymaking and excellent photography. Please post more photos of your progress!
Ken Martin

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Great Job Ed

This was also one of my first projects, when we started with  I knew after cutting a few that I was going to need a bunch of them, so I made templates out of peel and stick floor tiles.  That was over 2 years ago, and they are still in use today.

One day someone said I wonder how many of these you could cut out in a day.  Well that did it.  So I tried.  I am not a fast scroll saw operator, but I was able to cut out 70 of them in a little less than a day.
Of course some of them are still awaiting sanding.
These I use for give away's as well.

Thanks for sharing, and we will be interested in seeing some of the finished toys.

Kenneth W Martin
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