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I need to spray hundreds of varies sizes of wheels and keeping the paint out of the hub of the wheel.  Any suggestion on how to paint 3 or 4 hundred wheels at on time.  Has anybody face the same problem.

Thanks for your suggestion.
john lewman

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You ask an important question. Do you mean wood wheels and does hub mean the axle hole? If so, I made a 24" square plywood with dozens of vertical dowels spaced on the plywood so I could press wheels onto each dowel. I then made a quantity of short dowels the size of the axle hole. I inserted these on the top side of the wheels. One side of the wheels was sprayed and dried, then the top dowels removed and the wheels flipped over. The top dowels were then re-inserted and the back-side was sprayed.
Ken Martin

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When using a spray paint like Krylon Gloss Black.
I like to use a very similar method as John above.  I cut the base board big enough to hold 50 wheels each.  Then I use a 1/4 dowel cut down to 4" long, and sand one end to a point, so the wheel fits over the dowel easy.  I like to set the wheel board on a turn table so they are easy to turn and paint as I go.

Then I put the 50 wheels on the board, and spray from all 4 sides, then turn the wheels over to their back side and spray.  When dry I turn back over and spray the front again.  When dry I start again.  I now have two of these boards so we can spray 100 wheels at a time.  I do like to leave them sit overnight before taking the wheels off the board.

Under the painting tips section here on the forum you will find all kinds of interesting things about painting.

Kenneth W Martin
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